Wednesday, August 13, 2014


Congratulations to EVERYONE!!! Such a fun week! I'm a tad bit excited that a little flash piece I wrote for the Haunted Waters Press Super Moon Contest WON publication in their Aug/Sept issue of From the Depths! I'M GETTING PUBLISHED!!! (Sorry, I can't help myself!) ANYWAY, you're here to hear which one of YOU won this week... Before you continue, if you haven't read all the entries, head over here to do so. Well, I suppose I won't keep you from it any longer - here's what the judge had to say:

Judging was more difficult than I expected. Kind of like picking your favorite child. Each one is unique, but I chose a winner. Here’s the rundown:

Mommy Dearest by Rebekah Postupak
Clever, funny take on Rapunzel, her witch mother, and princess-sisters. Just a pleasure to read. Bonus points for the almost-but-not-quite inclusion of colors in reference to Snow White, Red Rose, and lots and lots of greens.

The Last Edge of Night by Lori
A dark and brooding tale featuring Grimm, appropriately enough, who gets his revenge in the end.

The Wolf at the Door by emilykarn
Fun modernization of a fairy tale mashup. Wonderful visual of the wolf “buffing a sharp-clawed paw against the bright broadcloth vest he wore.” (Thank you for clarifying that the three pigs were “no relation.”)

The Witness by storeroomoftheheart
The most uplifting entry in which the last face the narrator expects to see is that of the just judge who expiates all our sins.

The Logistics of Fish-Ownership by Samantha J
Oddball kind of funny with great tit for tat dialogue.
“Where do you live?”
“That’s pretty insensitive, Lisa. . . I’m not exactly ‘living’ anywhere.”

Monster by rashatayaket
This one has all the classics: Dr. Frankenstein and his monster, Igor, and Dracula. Finally, Igor gets the limelight. And it doesn’t end well.

The Ex by Quenby Olson
Hell hath no fury like an enchantress scorned. She may not be good at charms, but be careful or you’ll end up a mouse on her doorstep.

Charming by Anonymous
Kudos for pulling off 2nd person POV! Best takeaway line: “No princess wants a man with better hair than hers.” Ain’t that the truth?

High Heel by Anonymous
It’s the old secret baby story with a modern-day Cinderella twist. I loved this line: “I shut the doors, the one directly in front of me and the one to my past . . .”

And the winner is . . . . (drumroll)

Special Challenge Champion: The Wolf at the Door by emilykarn
A kraken, ladies and gentleman, is her sea creature. I have a soft spot for the kraken, which my oldest son named as his favorite animal at a preschool story time. Somehow, she made that creature organic to the story as were the others and the fairy tale characters.

Grand Champion: Mommy Dearest by Rebekah Postupak
Clever idea, good dialogue, sharp visuals, and just plain fun.


  1. Those all sound like extremely creative stories!

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