Thursday, July 31, 2014


Thanks to everyone for coming out this week! We only had three entries, but that means it'll take less time for you to go read them all! Go here to get up to date before we announce the winners. Now, here's what the judge had to say:

Erica:  The impending danger to the mother and son was very real in your writing.  I felt the tension rise and fall with the ending eliciting a fear all mothers have.  My heart sank for her.  The medical event was very creative and added to the very real feeling of being selfless as a mother.

Casey:  Your story was very descriptive and slightly sad.  The boy had love for his mother but her mental health had caused him to hate her a bit.  I may be reading too much into the story but mental disorders are very real.  At the end, I wondered if the boy is also suffering from the same mental disorder, or do we have evil fairies living among us!  Thank you for your story!

Michael:  Good job making the deadline!!!  Great story that is very descriptive.  The details in your writing bring it alive in my imagination.  I enjoy your storyline and the images it elicits.   Good work!

Special Challenge Champion: Erica

Grand Champion: Michael

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