Monday, February 10, 2014

How Champions Are Made

Here's my entry for Rebekah Postupak's Flash Friday! competition vol. 2-9! (By the way, I got Second Runner Up - third place - for this one! :) ) The prompt this week was the word 'envy' and this picture:

Panathenaic Stadium. Olympic Opening Ceremony 1896. Public domain photo.

I had 150 words (give or take 10) to write something amazing... This is what I came up with:

How Champions Are Made


“You cheated!” Kira huffed as she palmed open the hatch to their dormitory.

“I did not!” Arianna stood taller and crossed her arms, indignant. “I am a member of the 57th Intergalactic Olympic Games.”

“So you’re good at covering your tracks.” Kira interrupted and entered.

Arianna stalked in after her and grabbed a holo of an old photograph off her headboard. “My ancestor was a champion at the very first Olympic Games, 1896EME.”

“What’s your point? That was forever ago.” Kira glared before turning around and palming through the color options on the wall, wishing the designers of the Olympic Space Station had installed holographic capabilities.

“I’m merely stating that my athleticism is inherited. I don’t need to cheat.”

Kira snorted. “No one has ever completed a 3240 quad-corkscrew layout-rebound in variable-G before. It’s impossible.”

“You’re just jealous.” She pursed her lips. “Besides, if you’re looking for cheaters, the entire wrestling contingent from Ptaxil grew extra arms.”

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