Wednesday, August 28, 2013


Thanks to all who came out for week 8! You guys are awesome and your stories are so fun! You didn't make it easy for Eric. Go read the entries (here) and judge for yourself - leave some comments and encouragement. THEN come back here and see what Eric had to say. Without further ado...

Thanks to Alissa for letting me judge this week - it was fun getting a chance to really read everyone's stories and think about them in some depth. (Yay! You're welcome! I'm glad you enjoyed the judging experience!)

This was an amusing take on the world of Oz. My wife is currently reading the entire series, and she’s passed me bits of stories from time to time. It’s a rich world with lots of new avenues to explore. Why does there only get to be one sentient scarecrow, for example?

Laura James
I was nicely distracted by the sentence “She studied each pupil carefully, watching for the comedian, the swot, the mummy's boy, wondering if the one she sought was amongst them.” I really thought that she was looking for that troublemaker, and when she found Sunbeam, I was pleasantly surprised.

Dr. Mike Reddy
I always like puns. If this one had a 500 word setup for the punchline…

A nice slice of life scene, well-imaged. There was room for it to be more, to get to know more about Jennifer and her school, and I found that I was missing that.
 Runner Up
As someone who had a difficult time staying in the woodwork because people thought I was smart, I empathized strongly with Graham. It was a glimpse into an interesting family – what is it about their mother that drives them? What was Drew like before she was hospitalized? I almost picked this as the winner, but the story felt too incomplete – I really wanted to know more about Graham and where he was and have a better sense of his surroundings.

Week 8 Grand Champion AND Special Challenge Champion

Rebekah Postupak The List

I was intrigued right away with the list that started at 3 – I originally assumed that we’d come in and interrupted her as she was making her list, but adding items 1 and 2 later were a lot of fun. I wanted to know more about Eva, her background, how she got married, and what kind of being she was that was having so much trouble living her life with her new (and short-lived) husband.