Monday, May 6, 2013

Debt of Honor

:) This is my entry for Monday Mixer over at Jeffrey Hollar's blog. 150 words exactly (as per the rules) and I've used ALL NINE words! WHAT???? I know! Crazy! I may not win the over-achiever award, but I feel like an over-achiever! (I totally should have been editing my novel, but once I started I couldn't stop!) I hope you enjoy it! (The bold words are the prompt words)

My eyes swept his chosen arena. The trees were sparse this high in the taiga. Moss gave the ground some bounce, but the lakes dotting the landscape made it squishy.

I opened my portmanteau, fingering the ammo I’d hoarded from the repository. The voluble idiot! His calumnious accusations had cost me everything! I demanded the Debt of Honor – giving me choice of weapon, but him time and place.

He would arrive soon. I pulled a rusk from a vest pocket and nibbled; I needed my strength.

Sunrise struck the horizon, and in its effulgent glow appeared my nemesis.

He smirked at the ammo, “Your concertina would’ve been a better choice – debilitate me instantly, like it did Julia.”

“Julia had the flu! She loved my songs you wretch – you’ve been spreading lies!” I reached for several water balloons. “Arm yourself! And remember the price of defeat. You agreed.”

“So did you.”

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  1. Lol - what was the price of defeat I wonder?