Friday, April 26, 2013

Memory Trivia

This is my entry for Flash! Fiction over at Rebekah Potupak's blog! It's SUCH a fun picture today! There's still time to get yours in! It closes tonight at midnight (ET). 100 words exactly this time...tricky, but fun. Enjoy! :)

Photo courtesy of Mensatic, Morguefile

Memory Trivia
I grunted. Stupid ladder. My hips protested each step. I was too old for this. Mable was going to be wrong this time for sure. As a retired Memory Caster, I knew the difference between clear and cloudy.

The day I met Mable was as clear as glass. She spoke to me first, no question. I looked up. The sky was a beautiful blue, but I wished the projection worked from the bottom of the tree.

Finally. I watched the scene unfold. Dag’nabit! Laundry duty for another year! Perhaps I should concede defeat. Her memory was better. No! Next year…

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