Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Santa Sighting

My entry for Tuesday Tales over at Glitterword, Stevie McCoy's blog. This one wanted to be much longer, but I cut it back to fit the 100 word limit. I may write the longer version of this. It has potential. :) Enjoy!

Here's the picture prompt and the word we needed to use was sleigh. :)

I heard bells as I gazed over the cityscape. Way up here? I crawled to the edge. Some pretend Santa in a sleigh? Then I saw Rudolph’s nose glowing… NO WAY! That was a dragon! And FLAMES! And…Santa?...had a big red…something. They were fighting something. They veered this way. Some black demon bull-like creature was charging Santa! The red sack waved in the air and enveloped the bull. Santa reached inside and pulled out a wooden toy. He glanced at me and winked, then tossed the toy at the ground. I could only assume it was aimed for a chimney.

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