Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Barking Mad

So, I am judging this weeks Motivation Monday over at Wakefield Mahon's blog, so I am unable to enter... I instead went over to Cara Michaels blog for Menage Monday. Unfortunately, hers closes at 10pm eastern time and I am in Colorado this week...I was still putting the kids to bed at 8pm. Ah well, I posted it a bit late, so I'm not in the running to win. Not that I think I would because I decided that I was going to attempt to write a dialect this week. I've never done it before. I'm not sure it works. But I need you all to tell me what doesn't make sense or what doesn't come through because I hear it in my head...I just don't know if I effectively put it on the page. That being said, the promts this week were a picture of some bones, the phrase "barking mad", and a story about werewolves. I was really light on the last one...it's only slightly intimated actually...ah, well. If I had more words, perhaps I could've developed that a little bit more... Anyway, I hope you like it! Let me know about that dialect thing...

“Well, now, yous just barking mad, ain’t ya?”

“Of course I’m not mad! I’m telling the truth.”

“Naw, yous jus’ confused, is all. Dem bones was prob’ly jus’ a natural dyin’ animal. That’s what they do, ya know?”

“I swear, Grandpa, it was NOT natural. I’ll show you.”

Naw, I don’ need t’ see nothin’.  I been all over this mountain since I was a young’n. They ain’t nothin’ unnatural ‘bout nothing up here.”

“But this wasn’t when you were young, this was recent. The bite marks went deep into the bone and the spine was completely severed—”

“Ya done tol’ me alriddy! I ain’t deaf! But thinkin’ that they’s some monster roamin’ these parts just a’cause—”

“Grandpa, I think we ought to call the police…or the Department of Wildlife.”

“The DoW don’t got no need to come pokin’ they noses in our bidness.”

“Grandpa! It’s not safe—”

“Jus’ drop it, Sonny.”

“But what if you—”

“Don’ you worry none ‘bout me. I can take care a myself. Always have, always will. ‘Sides, I got a few things goin’ for me that no other beast got.”

“What? 80 years?”

“Naw, but that helps.”

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