Saturday, June 30, 2012

The Fracture

I've missed my flash fiction these past two weeks! I had to judge last week, so I wasn't allowed to post one. The flash I usually write on Mondays didn't get done. I started them, but was unable to finish them. The first because I didn't have time (I was teaching VBS that week) and the second because I didn't like it at all. So, sorry about not writing any in the past couple of weeks, but I'm back for flash factory friday #10 at Jessa Russo's blog! The prompts this week were: jar, swoop, fracture and a picture of some beautiful red raspberries in someone's hand. So here's my entry! Enjoy!

“Captain! The fracture’s getting bigger!”

“About time.” She moved closer to the screen. “Yes, it’s working.” She spoke into the comm unit, “Is the team ready?”

“Yes, Captain. We’re at the hatch. Ready when you are.”

“Then you’d better hang on, Commander, we’re going to rip it open in one fell swoop.” She turned to the science officer, “Lieutenant?”

“We’re a go on your mark.”

She turned to the weapons officer, “Red alert, no sirens,” and pressed the ship comm button. “This is the Captain speaking. We’re about to break the fracture open. Be sure you’re strapped down as the impact may jar something loose. I want no more casualties on this trip. We’ll be sending in a team and follow shortly thereafter once confirmation has been made. And…pray to whatever you hold dear that this works. Captain out.” She released the button and looked around the room. The tension was evident on the gaunt faces staring back at her, but there was still hope in their eyes.

She strapped herself into her chair and nodded her head at the science officer, “Mark.”

A blinding flash of light!

The impact felt like it was going to break the entire ship apart!

Once the rocking slowed down, she pressed the comm unit again, “Commander? Is your team on the move?”

“Yes Captain, nearly there.”

“Lieutenant? Where did our video go?”

“Sorry, Captain! I’m working on it. The impact…”

“Just get it back!”

“Yes, Sir!”

A voice over the comm, “Captain? Are you seeing this?”

“No, Commander. Our eyes were knocked out by the impact. What is it?”

“It’s…It’s Eden!” The screen phased in slowly, but it cleared to a bright and crisp picture of someone holding six beautiful red raspberries.

The tears were unexpected. She meant to stay strong, to put on a brave face. She glanced around and saw the tears on the faces of the rest of the bridge crew as well. She cleared her throat, “Move! Now!” The ship made its way slowly across the barren wasteland toward the fracture - toward hope and a future.

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