Wednesday, May 20, 2015


Congrats to the brave few who attacked this week's challenge! If you missed any of them, go read them here. Now let's read what the judge had to say:

Intriguing mystery indeed. Who is this cloaked writer, and why is she sneaking around our sheep shed at night? With whom is she exchanging letters? What is the significance of the ribbons? The anguish created by that final, ominous missive. Love it, hook the readers and pull them into the rest of the mystery.

Diane gave us another disturbing and creepy tale. I particularly liked the rise and fall of the story beats—the escalation then calming at the dinner party, and (just when you think it’s safe to go back in the water)—the double take at the end. Nicely played!

Special Challenge Champion: Geoff
Grabbed the ‘not adult’ idea and ran away with it. I love the give and take between Luke and Matt. Where does a little guy acquire such a pronounced accent? “Mayhem ‘n’ Moider.”

Grand Champion: Asgardana

It was really a joy watching this tale unfold, even if some of the topics it reveals are so depressing. The protagonist struggles with her self-image every bit as much as her new heels, while the antagonist pushes her to grow up much too quickly. The conclusion is simply a brutal social commentary. Marvelous (because it’s so uncomfortable) writing.

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