Wednesday, November 18, 2015


Hello, friends! I'm sure so many of you can empathize with Geoff's story this week. We want to get that perfect opening line to propel us into the story. I'm here to tell you: Nothing has to be perfect the first time around. Think: Dory ("Just keep swimming..."). And here we give you the first line, so you don't even need to worry about it! :) Anyway, if you missed his story, go read it here. Now here's what the judge had to say about it:

Special Challenge AND Grand Champion: 
Geoff Holme (@GeoffHolme)

Whew, there must be so many aspiring novelists sweating out their new books. I hope that’s going really well for all of you!

Geoff brings us a tale this week of a writing team plodding their way out of writer’s block, one word at a time. Sometimes that’s what it takes, I suppose. “Perseverance is everything,” quoth the tortoise. Hopefully, once set in motion, the ball will roll rapidly downhill. And watch out for those nut allergies, and the heinous unholy horror of (::shudder::) veggie-dogs.

Thanks you for the tale, Geoff. Speaking of dogs, go #Flashdogs!

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