Friday, May 3, 2013

Sunrise of a New World

It's Friday again, and that means another entry into Flash! Friday over at Rebekah Postupak's blog! The picture is SUPER beautiful this week! I'm so excited about it! And I really like what I came up with. Yay! I get to share it with you! I only had 150 words this week (C'mon, just a few more and I could've fleshed it out even more...) with 5 words grace...I used all of them and came in at 155 words. Enjoy!

Photo courtesy of Wondermar at Pixabay

“Daddy! You’ve gotta see-”

“Not now, Champ, the readings on this are phenomenal!” Gordon plugged his handcomp into the stationary core probe. The final stage of the terraforming process was beginning.

“But Daddy, there’s-”

“Just look at these numbers, Champ! At this rate, the world will be ready for colonization in under ten years! That’s a 54% increase over Gamma 2 – 268% increase over Titan!” He began entering the updated codes on the handcomp, his gloves making it tedious. “In as little as a year we won’t need thermal insulation.”

“But Dad, I really think-”

“Not now, Son. The amount of water vapor being poured into the atmosphere right now is astounding! I can practically see it happening!”

“Dad! Look!” Junior grabbed his father’s face and jerked it toward the horizon, “You can! Just open your eyes!”

Gordon held his son’s hand and watched the sunrise of a new world, tears freezing on his face.