Tuesday, September 11, 2012


Project: REBIRTH

Wild grass and weeds had grown up; reclaiming what was once evidence of thousands of years of technological advances. I checked the image against the vision I had earlier this week and this was definitely where I was supposed to be. My gaze swept back and forth across the ruins, but it didn’t look like anything was left. What was I supposed to find here?

I came to the edge of what was left of the structures. How many people had died in the initial wave? It was something no one bothered to find out because it eventually claimed all of them. Within weeks the human population was gone. We didn’t realize it would affect the entire earth. If we only knew…

I felt a nudge to move deeper into the ruins, so I did. I certainly knew the stories of those who disobeyed a revelation. I wasn’t going to be one of them. I wish they made a little more sense though. Exploring a human ruin? Why?

At seemingly random moments I would get a nudge to move to the right or left, and I always followed those as they led me further into the ruins. I finally stopped in front of a large, cement building that looked somewhat like a falling weighted fishing net; domed with columns spread in a circle at an angle. The first floor had been walled completely in glass, which was all gone now. I climbed up the steps and picked my way through the open frames.

Down. I was supposed to go down. I looked around and found the elevator. I could see the glowing eyes all around. If I had been anything else, the wolves would have pounced. This was their den. I ripped open the doors to the shaft. I looked down and sighed, I could be climbing forever.

I was most of the way down when I felt the nudge to stop. I came out into a large room that was still humming. Even after all this time? How was that possible? I phased my forearm with the rock at my feet and could feel the geothermal power the room was harnessing. But what was it doing with that power?

To the right. I moved to a wall of small doors. They were each labeled – Project: REBIRTH, Specimen: 14F – with different numbers and letters. As I surveyed the doors, wondering what I was supposed to do, a red light started blinking on specimen: 7M. I moved toward the door when the airlock depressurized followed by a gurgling noise. The door was really a drawer. I peered over the edge. A baby. A human baby.

Then the wailing began. I cringed. Make it stop! I felt a nudge. “I can’t! I’ll hurt it!” I cried aloud and the wailing stopped. I reached my talons in and rested a toe against its body. The baby curled around it and started sucking on my scales. Another nudge.

More red lights.

I needed help.

500 words exactly! (phew, cutting it close this week!)

My entry for Motivation Monday was slow in coming to me as well. The first sentence is the prompt and it just didn't spark much of anything at first. However, since I knew my friend Rebekah @postupak was the judge, I wanted to give her a dragon. (psst, she likes dragons). It didn't really come together until I thought about the dragons in my current WIP and what would happen if the humans eventually failed in their fight against the Shadows. Well, this isn't really in my world (I suppose it could be in the furture of my world...) because my humans don't have this technology, but the dragon is definitely one of my dragons (although not one in particular...). There...have I confused anyone yet??? Haha! I just realized that I didn't write the beginning giving away that it was a dragon, so now I've gone and spoiled the surprise... Oh well. OR...I can post this AFTER the story. Hmmm. I shall do that and see what you all think! :)  I hope you enjoyed it!


  1. WooHoo! I won Honorable Mention with this one! Yay! :)

  2. How could you not? You had DRAGONS.

  3. Only an honorable mention? This was amazing. You're an awesome writer. I read both this and the really short one above it. Where do you get the prompts? It sounds like a lot of fun. D'you think you could send me the links on how to get in on this whole flash fiction thing?

    1. Thank you, Tamara! There are a lot of sites for flash fiction. One of my flash peeps has a blog with links to a lot of them here: http://www.jeffreyhollar.com/2012/09/a-flash-fiction-addicts-stash.html?showComment=1348850330090#c1606681705934472042

      Otherwise, I have links on all my blog posts to the flash blogs I follow. This one was for Motivation Monday over at Wakefield Mahon's blog. Just follow the link and it will take you to the page. There's a new one up each Monday, and you can join as many as you like! Simple. I think I will try to figure out how to put links to the ones I use most often on the sidebar somehow, but until then, I hope that helps! I'm @lissajean7 on Twitter and if you're on there, I have lots of flash friends on there and that's where I get most of my flash reminders...by following those tweeps. Let me know if that's all you need! I'm looking forward to seeing you join in on some of those! :)

  4. Thanks so much Lissajean! I really appreciate it. I think flash fiction is great, so I'm looking forward to entering some of these. And i'll be sure to follow you on Twitter.

    Could I ask you one more tiny favor? I'm in a contest at www.monibw.blogspot.com It's team kissy against team kiss off. I can't tell you which one entry mine, but I can tell you that I'm on team kissy. The contest is super tight, so I'm trying to get people to go over and vote for their favorite. I'll just keep my fingers crossed that your favorite happens to be my entry. haha. The poll is right beneath the entries. Thanks so much!! The contest ends Tues. night, so if you could vote before then, that'd be great!