Thursday, May 22, 2014


And the judge has spoken! If you missed all the fun, go check out all the stories here. If you want to know who won and what the judge had to say about the stories, well then, read on:

I was pleasantly surprised in such a good way with all of these entries! The challenge I was Grand Champion of was the first ever one I'd participated in, so even participating this way, I was still a tiny bit out of my element. But you all made this experience so much and totally worth it! Thank you for all of your words!

Alice Wilson - Talk about a tear-jerker here. Every daughter's worse nightmare. It was horrible in a really good, really well-written sort of way. The dying image of the father you painted made me tear up a bit, but then the memories and reminiscing had the tears spilling over. Line that stuck with me: I glance around the once happy home of a girl and her father, but now all I see is bare walls.

emilykarn - I so did not see it ending there when I first started reading. I loved this! A revenge made so much more sweet. Your main character seriously scares the poop out of me. She can see ghosts and she killed her father?! Not a chick to mess with. Line that stuck with me: "Enjoy your death dad." I shut the door behind me. Finally I had closure.

Kate - I was so confused at the beginning, but as I was reading I had a feeling, and then that ending. Freaking brilliant, dude! Time travel stories make my mind go crazy, and there was no exception for this one. Just so many things to ponder. Like are they stuck in a loop now?! Ohemgee. Ow. My brain. Line that stuck with me: I pushed the knob. x2

Stella - I had to read this one twice. You have such a great set up that leaves the reader thinking, "Did I freaking miss something?!" I can't help but wonder about the hate and hostility behind the narrator. I always try to give the benefit of the doubt when I don't know both sides, and when it ended, I was like nooooooooo! Can I request a synopsis of your mind when you thought of this story? Line that stuck with me: It’s bad enough his blood courses through my body.

JM MacF - You had me pulled in at the second sentence. Your narrator, standing up for his mother, that just makes me so happy. Especially with the scoundrel act dear old Dad just committed. I say smear his name all over. Line that stuck with me: My mind made up, I braced my hands against his desk and loomed over him.

Special Challenge Champion - Stella - I seriously need a follow up to this one made up of like an entire background story...please and thank you ;)

Grand Champion - Kate - This one is still making my mind spin. It's so frustrating and baffling in an extremely good way.

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