Friday, November 2, 2012

Still Searching

This week I made some time to jump in on Stevie McCoy's Tuesday Tales flash fiction contest. My life has been crazy busy lately and with NaNoWriMo this month, I probably won't be doing a lot of flash. But I'll be back in December... I'm glad I got in on this one because what's really fun is that I won an Honrable Mention! Yay! The secret word and picture are below! Enjoy!

Incendiary -adj

1.used or adapted for setting property on fire: incendiary bombs.
2.of or pertaining to the criminal setting on fire of property.
3.tending to arouse strife, sedition, etc.; inflammatory: incendiary speeches.
4. tending to inflame the senses

I walk with hands outstretched and the beads of condensation (so many possibilities) appear on my hands then flow into tiny rivulets that eventually pool at my feet. I wade through a sea of missed opportunities and wasted dreams. The edge is a scary place to be. Behind is blue sky and sunshine (at least I feel that way), but I’m moving beyond the comfortable. I’m chasing my dream, right? Then why is it like walking through a cloud? I need something incendiary to feel real again. I can barely see me anymore. Am I going the right way? Help.

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