Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Disco Party Blues

100 word flash fiction - Who me?

Things are getting out of hand. I wasn't planning on trying this one...The 100 word limit was scary. But then I saw the picture and managed to come up with an idea quickly. This one is from Tuesday Tales home of Stevie McCoy. I also had to use the word 'royalty'. The picture is fun. Follow the above link to see the poor girl sitting by the disco ball... :) Enjoy!

EDIT: I'm including the picture!

How hard is it to hang a disco ball? I give up. I have been defeated by my lack of drywall nails. Or something.

I’m still sulking when Brian turns off the lights and shines the spotlight at the ball on the floor. “See! It still works! You’re all sparkly.”

“Please, Brian, it is so not cool to have it on the floor. Where will people dance?”

“Arianna, tonight is your night. You will be treated like royalty. Everything you want at your fingertips. Starting now. I’ll head over to the hardware store. I’m sure they’ll know what to do.”

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